Ultimate Travel Lightroom Preset Pack


As a photographer for the past 11 years, I’ve traveled quite a bit for work, and one thing I find absolutely crucial to my travel images is having presets which can adapt to several varying lighting conditions! When we travel, the sun is out and shining, there are all kinds of scenarios such as oceans, beaches, forests, deserts, you name it which we can be expected to shoot in!

These 9 travel presets (plus one free BONUS preset) have been carefully created and refined to work in several lighting conditions and these are the first of many more travel presets to come from me! This pack was built to give your photos a unique infusion of tones, and they were formatted to work inside of Lightroom mobile and desktop to tastefully stylize the look and feel of your photos and help emphasize the best qualities of your travel photography!


✅ .XMP files (all these custom preset files are compatible with Lightroom desktop as well as Adobe Camera Raw!)
✅ .DNG files (these are your mobile presets for Lightroom Mobile and includes a video tutorial on how to install these and use them)
✅ Step-by-step installation guide for both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom
✅ Download Directly to your Mobile Device No Computer Needed

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